All dogs require regular brushing and combing in order to keep their coats healthy and untangled. Tangled coats do not allow skin to breathe, this can lead to skin conditions and infections. For some breeds, daily brushing is recommended. Long-haired breeds and double coated breeds obviously tangle and matt more than a short coated dog, their coats are more difficult to maintain and require more brushing and combing.

Recommended brushing time is different for every breed however this is a general guide you should brush and comb your coated dog for 10 minutes per day, or two sessions of 20-40 minutes per week. Any less than this and you should consider having your dog professionally groomed more regular. Quite often when time is a factor in today's busy lifestyles this is the easier option for most people. On this regime should you notice a lot of tangling then you should increase the frequency of grooming sessions until you see the coat remain in good order between brushing.


We recommend brushing your puppy from 8 weeks old. At this age puppies wil accept brushing as part of every day life making the road ahead pleasent for both the owner and the groomer. Begin by using a soft brush and reward your puppy wither by praise or small treat. It is important not to allow the puppy to bite or snap at the brush, but to see the brush as non-threatning. Use this time to get your puppy used to handling his ears, eyes and feet.


Brush and the comb the entire coat in layers from skin out. You need a metal comb, not plastic. It is important to get right to the roots. It is wise to comb out the dog to make sure there are no mats after brushing.

This is equally easiest if the dog i lying on your lap, on its side and back. With one hand, the hair is parted to the skin and hled down while the other hand gently combs through the hair below the parting. Once this section is smooth and tangle free, another section of hair is pulled down along the parting and groomed in the same way.

Once the dog is used to grooming, you can progress to using a small table or bench> Grooming your dog while watching television can be very relaxing for both owner and dog, select some of your favourite programmes each week and groom at the same time, so this becomes a habit and the job is done in no time. Comb out the facem corner of the eyes and beard, using teeth on the fine end os the comb or use an extra-fine facial or flea comb. This comb is also good for removing debris from the eyes.

Consider having your dog professionally groomed on a more regular basis if you are unable to kkep the coat in good condition. Regardless of breed, each dog is an individual and the frequency of professional grooming will depend on age, health or if the have been neutered.

We can groom to breed standard or in a modified trim to suit your dog and your lifestyle. We can discuss your grooming requirements with you at any time.

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